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Drake Ft. Lil Wayne - The Motto Lyrics

Here is The Motto Lyrics is performed by Drake Ft. Lil Wayne @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “The Motto” Ringtone to your Cell[lil wayne]i’m the fuckin man, y’all don’t get it do ya?you get the money everybody acting like they knew yago uptown, new york citysome spanish girls love me like i’m on twittertell uncle luke about miami tooclubbing hard, the women ain’t much to dorich play, got a condo

Rob (of One Chance) - This This Lyrics

Here is This This Lyrics is performed by Rob (of One Chance) @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “This This” Ringtone to your Celli am more babysee i let the jay upon itanyway you want itname the place and timeso i can … your body tonighti am not gonna waste my time and justi am gonna give you something moresomething real something is gonna make you feel love likegirl what i am gonna give you is

Trey Songz - Sex Soundz Lyrics

Here is Sex Soundz Lyrics is performed by Trey Songz @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Sex Soundz” Ringtone to your Cellwe’ve been kicking for a while mammaand i am loving you all your style mammayou’ve been chilling come get it clean it over heretake care of me like you was my mommaspend so much time always on my mindyou and me the tv some candles and some winewatching a movie from my jacuzzican

Sterling Simms - Switch It Up Lyrics

Here is Switch It Up Lyrics is performed by Sterling Simms @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Switch It Up” Ringtone to your Cellhey girl you got me a central bad position all dayso missin like i think you ..gonna .. get your mind rightget your get your mind righti’ve been trueso almost everything i told you i said it then i told yai think you me to .. get your mind right, get your mind righthook:

Trey Songz - Boop!!! Lyrics

Here is Boop!!! Lyrics is performed by Trey Songz @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Boop!!!” Ringtone to your Cellshorty that ass like a truck the way you are backing it up uushorty the way you are walking around is …making me do something freaky to you uuugirl and .. hug your ..i could get hugging on a tedy beari wanna take your clothes off right there on your underwearthen i will take my hand

Immortal Technique Ft. Mojo of Dujeous - Eyes In The Sky Lyrics

Here is Eyes In The Sky Lyrics is performed by Immortal Technique Ft. Mojo of Dujeous @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Eyes In The Sky” Ringtone to your Cell[chorus:]i am the eye in the sky looking at you i can read your mindi am the maker of rules dealing with fools i can cheat you blind [eye in the sky by alan parsons project][verse 1: immortal technique]yeah, my truth is the archet of coming

Immortal Technique Ft. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez - Goonies Never Die Lyrics

Here is Goonies Never Die Lyrics is performed by Immortal Technique Ft. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Goonies Never Die” Ringtone to your Celland it's not smart to be dumbit's not smart to be dumb bumb de dumb dumb dumbback where i come from it's not considered smart to be dumb[immortal technique:] okay little empwanala, time for bed.[empwanala:] uncle felipe[

Immortal Technique - Burn This Lyrics

Here is Burn This Lyrics is performed by Immortal Technique @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Burn This” Ringtone to your Cellthis is immortal techniqueharlem, new yorkall over the worldand this is the martyrif you are listening to thisit is your responsibilityto burn this for every single motherfucker you knowSend “Burn This” Ringtone to your CellThis image may be subject to copyright.

Immortal Technique - Sign Of The Times Lyrics

Here is Sign Of The Times Lyrics is performed by Immortal Technique @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Sign Of The Times” Ringtone to your Cellimagine the word of god without religious groupiesimagine a savior born in a mexican hooptypersecute a single mother in a modern mangeryou crucify him again like a fucking strangertears of the anger are worth more than diamonds or rubiesimagine being locked

Mac Miller - All This Lyrics

Here is All This Lyrics is performed by Mac Miller @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “All This” Ringtone to your Cellwe spending all this moneyspending all this shinepiffing all this kuddispending all this timei'm feeling better than ever beforethis my life for... better... or forall this moneyspending alll this shineand it's all so funnycause it's all just finei'm feeling better than ever

Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul Lyrics

Here is The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul Lyrics is performed by Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul” Ringtone to your Cellthe left to run in party on the dead disaster to plot the gunshot thecandle pin the bay delinquent east class clown time to disaster pin thelong time and departures the danger lover the wild life the rusted wet copthe party on the

Eric Saade Ft. Dev - Hotter Than Fire Lyrics

Here is Hotter Than Fire Lyrics is performed by Eric Saade Ft. Dev @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Hotter Than Fire” Ringtone to your Cellshe's cooler than iceflyer than windhotter than firethis is the nighti'm burnin' withinshe's hotter than firei say i'm flammable i'm tntlight it upshe's hotter than firei say i'm flammable i'm tntlight it upshe's hotter than fireSend “Hotter Than Fire”

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Young Chris - Still Creeping Lyrics

Here is Still Creeping Lyrics is performed by Young Chris @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Still Creeping” Ringtone to your Celli see you got meyeahi know you ..dress the piece, dress the piece ..little finger to my neighbors that .. for the flavorsshot the bitches with the fabors ..before you haterswon’t ..before you fix about the ..the same aware here on the ..shit.. guess on my guess

Nicole Scherzinger - Tomorrow Never Dies Lyrics

Here is Tomorrow Never Dies Lyrics is performed by Nicole Scherzinger @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Tomorrow Never Dies” Ringtone to your Cell[...]but i'm thinking now or neverdoes my ... to stop and sing you the love how does it feel to be the one, one i'm touchingi like how it feels to be the one touching youand how does it feel to be the one, one i'm lovingi like how it feels to

Wale Ft. Lloyd - Sabotage Lyrics

Here is Sabotage Lyrics is performed by Wale Ft. Lloyd @ monsterlyrics.blogspot.comSend “Sabotage” Ringtone to your Cell[intro: wale]it's important to go right into the booth after the argumenti think it's only right, hoarse and everythinglike fuck it though, what's up[verse 1: wale]pessimism is all that she knowcause every brother she go with always pick up and goi been trying to show you

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Earn Money Online

If you are on this website, then chances are you are someone who is interested in earning money online. If you want to earn money online, then you have a difficult path of your head. That said, there are several ways that you can earn money online, I'll try and cover up the pros and cons of each:
Thousands of companies out there want to pay for your opinion, in the form of surveys. Basically, you complete surveys and they pay you money. It's really straight forward. The reason that they do this, is to ensure that when they launch a product, do not flop and caused them great loss. Before you get too excited, you complete the survey will not get that much money, in fact, you can only really expect to get about $ 0.20 per survey. This means, that you really will have to settle hundreds of surveys if you want to get the minimum wage.

Internet Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products / services for a commission)
  • E-commerce (selling physical goods through wholesalers)
  • Adsense / PPC income (setting up a blog / website and earn money for displaying ads)
Unlike surveys, Internet Marketing has great income potential, so much so, that you can one day quit your day job. That said, there is only one major problem with internet marketing - have a big learning curve. It could take years to break even the best, then far longer than even begin to earn real money. Also, in the early days, there is a huge time commitment.
In short, I do not recommend internet marketing - you'll find hundreds of courses on topics, which are all designed to take your money.

Writing Articles
This should be the only real way to earn money online - as you already guessed from these subheadings, the goal is to write articles. You can sign up to a website like or and write articles for the people. The reason this happens is that many people have websites, they just do not have time to write an article - so they outsource it.

You can expect around the $ 50-10 for an article. Furthermore, if you want to earn money online without having to do hard work, then this will not be for you.
The main advantage of writing articles is that you do not need the money or start up experience. In fact, if you can write a decent article for a decent price, then you can expect a considerable amount of work.

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